s a m a n t h a   d e l a n e y

I create work inspired by the unsolicited recall of memory. Through exploration of the materiality of photography, video projection, sound and smell, I create multi sensorial environments which materialize this phenomenon. These various processes and techniques enable me to observe and capture these intangible, fleeting encounters which trigger our natural memory. I believe in the beauty of the mundane aspects of life. These quotidian moments have a magical, sublime ability to transport us to a particular time and place, emotion or sensation. The taste as you bite into a ripe strawberry, or the smell as you walk down the stairs into a damp basement call up an assemblage of sensation in which we are able to access the innocence and authentic view of the world from our childhood. While often working with personal memories, the ambiguous nature of the minimal, abstracted aspects of the work opens it up to discussion on the subjectivities of myself and the viewer. 

Samantha is a Fibers MFA candidate at the Savannah College of Art & Design. She is originally from New York where she recived her BA in graphic design. Samantha is currently living and working in Savannah, GA and expects to complete her degree at the end of May.